Bachelor's apartment in a new house in London

Refined Simplicity in East London by Charlie Ferrer

The apartment of a London bachelor lawyer in a new house on a quiet street
  in fashionable and fashionable London area of Shoreditch (Shoreditch).
  A businesslike and pragmatic young partner at a London law firm
  hired to design the interiors of his apartment in East London
New York designer Charlie Ferrer, who usually decides
interiors in a timeless style, characterized by restraint,
  clean lines, colorful textures and
judicious use of color. 

The main wish to the designer from a bachelor - a lawyer,
who   is   interested   in   art   -   "modern   apartment   as
a machine for life that would serve as a physical and visual
refuge from the noisy city". New small apartment with one
  bedroom and one bathroom was a perfect clean a canvas
 for warm minimalism with a limited palette.


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