The apartment of the family of collectors in the New York skyscraper Jenga tower

Collector's Apartment at 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca, NYC by Richard Mishaan

Apartment in a high-rise 58-storey tower at 56 Leonard Street, designed by
 the architectural studio Herzog & de Meuron in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York.
 The designers gave each residential unit that makes up the 250-meter-high skyscraper 
its own individuality - out of 145 apartments, only five of these, and New Yorkers
 began to call it the Jenga tower for its atypical appearance.

The interior design of one of the apartments at 56 Leonard Street was developed
 by the famous architect, interior and furniture designer, one of the most famous New York
 decorators of Colombian origin Richard Mishaan. "The building at 56 Leonard St. became
 iconic even before it was built. This is an extraordinary feat of engineering,” Richard
 Mishan said of the new skyscraper.  Of his project for a large apartment with four
 terraces, which he realized for a young family of contemporary art collectors 
with  two children, the designer said: "When you enter the apartment,
 you will feel  that it will be an adventure ..."   

Richard Mishaan :
“Designing this apartment was like building a Jenga tower of my own”


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