Clerkenwell Warehouse Loft in London by InsideOut


Architects: InsideOut
Photos  ©  Jim Stephenson
A modern loft on the top floor of a former industrial warehouse in the historic centre of London. The solution of the interior in the industrial style, created in 2013, was so successful that today it looks absolutely relevant in all respects. Open concrete columns and beams were the basis of the interior design concept. In addition to the main social area, which consists of a living room, kitchen and dining room combined into a single space, the 240 square metre flat has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a multimedia room and a multifunctional guest room. The joinery is bespoke and, despite its external simplicity, it contains various hidden functions, such as sliding partitions, folding beds, original kitchen appliances, integrated radiators, etc. 
Designed and realised by the London-based architectural studio InsideOut

  Photos  ©  Jim Stephenson


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