The Slender House in Ogden by MU Architecture. Lake Memphremagog, Canada

A country house on the shore of a lake in the province of Quebec, Canada

The original The Slender House on the banks of Lake Memphremagog, Ogden, 
near the American border in Quebec, Canada. The 418-square-meter (4500-sqft)
 linear structure building rests on a granite base and is supported by terraces and
 retaining walls. The minimalist facade is decorated with natural stone from 
local quarries. In the boathouse, near the house, on the lake, there is an
 additional kitchenette and a large roof terrace, which gives
 wonderful panoramas of the forest lake.

Large panoramic windows and additional second light make the interior of the house
 as bright as possible, which is facilitated by the ceiling height, which in some places
 reaches 7.5 meters. The largest space is occupied by the living room combined with 
the kitchen and dining room, which has access to the terrace at the very edge of the 
lake. The master bedroom is complemented by two comfortable bedrooms with 
bathrooms, a small lounge and a gym. Garage, laundry and pantry are
 present  as a mandatory attribute of houses of this class.

Photos  ©  Stephane Groleau  

Design and implementation of an architectural studio from Montreal

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