Lithuania: Valley Villa

 On the outskirts of Vilnius

Architects: arches
Lead Architects: A.Liola, R.Liola, E.Neniškis, M.Kaučikaitė, E.Geštautaitė
Photos  ©  Norbert Tukaj
The original country villa Valley Villa on a forest lawn on the outskirts of Vilnius, Lithuania, is organically blended into the surrounding landscape. The modern architectural design of the 415 square metre building harmonises with elements of traditional Lithuanian architecture.  metres harmoniously combines with elements of traditional Lithuanian architecture. Several volumes of the building, the basement of which is partially hidden in the slope, form courtyards with terraces on different levels, creating a feeling of comfort and unity with nature.

The “Valley Villa” project noticed in Lithuania and globally
 is nominated for the prestigious EUMiesAwards’19 taking place in Barcelona

The facades of the house are finished in spectacular black Rathscheck slate and the windows are decorated with wooden lamellae, reminiscent of wooden blinds. The local pine wood used for the façades is treated with Kebony technology, which guarantees resistance to biological influences, durability and environmental friendliness. 

Photography  ©  Norbert Tukaj


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