Season 29: * ICEHOTEL - 2019 *

Jukkasjärvi, and engineers.

In mid-December, the 29th season of the world's largest hotel, handmade by designers and artists from ice and snow, kicked off in the Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi. For the implementation of the creative project, 2,500 tons of ice were prepared in advance from water taken from the Tourne-Elv River, which was stored in special freezers. At the beginning of October, a creative creative process began, in which thirty-three artists from thirteen countries took part. Over the course of several months, they made architectural details, columns, sculptures, furniture, lamps, etc. from ice. The work took place in close collaboration with designers and engineers.

The Icehotel consists of a main hall, a banquet hall for weddings and special ceremonies, fifteen designer suites and twenty additional rooms. Guests can book a sauna with a wood-burning sauna and a hot tub for a fee. The hotel will accept guests and guests until spring, with the arrival of which the ice will begin to melt and the water will return to the Turne-Elv River.

Hotel guests are required to take a short course on survival in extreme winter conditions. Staff will teach guests how to properly stay warm, sleep in sleeping bags, and dress. Special sleeping bags are provided, designed for a successful overnight stay in low temperatures, including those at the North Pole.


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