Ghost Wash House in Paradise Valley, Arizona

by Architecture-Infrastructure-Rsearch & Darren Petrucci

Ghost Wash House in Paradise Valley, near Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 
The H-shaped house was conceptually designed as an oasis in the Sonoran Desert and nestled
 along a hill on the north side of the rocky Camelback Mountain. The main building material
 of the 8,500.0 square foot home was brick, not only traditional masonry, but also decorative
 masonry was used.
Design and Implementation Architecture - Infrastructure - Research,
 Principal Architect Darren Petrucci, AIA

The two main blocks of the building are elongated in parallel from north to south.
 The west block contains a family lounge and three en-suite bedrooms, while the east
 block  houses the kitchen with family dining area, home office and garage. The blocks
 are connected by a large living room with panoramic windows,  which includes a
 recreation area and a dining room, which are covered by a massive overhanging
 roof, which serves to collect rainwater and place solar panels that 
feed the house with electricity..   

Центральный блок, соединяющий боковые, условно разделяет участок
 на две части : спускающийся ступенями по склону двор упирается в открытый 
бассейн, рядом с которым расположен гостевой домик, в котором имеются кухня,
 спальня с  ванной комнатой и прачечная. Участок озеленяют растения,
 характерные для пустыни Соноран - различные виды кактусов,
 агава, сагуаро, ксерофильные растения и пр.

Photography  ©  Bill Timmerman


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