The Splendor of French Decor by Jacques Garcia

Chateau de Villette, France 

The new work of the famous French decorator Jacques Garcia - the restoration and 
renovation of the Chateau de Villette, built during the reign of Louis XIV in Condecourt,
 on the northwestern outskirts of Ile-de-France,   embodying the grandeur and harmonious
 elegance of French classicism. The chateau was designed and built by one of the most
accomplished French architects of the 17th century classicism, Francois Mansart,
 and the garden surrounding the house is the work of Andre Le Notre, one of the
 greatest European landscape architects who created the magnificent gardens 
at Versailles. It is not surprising that thanks to such eminent authors, 
the chateau has earned the nickname "Le Petit Versailles"

The chateau was built for Count Aufflay Jean Dielle II, who was the ambassador of 
Louis XIV in Venice. Later Château de Ville later became the home of Nicholas, Marquis
 de Condorcet and his beautiful wife Sophie de Grouchy, an outstanding salon hostess,
 whose guests were prominent intellectuals and representatives of the
 international elite, such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin
 and others.

The renovated Chateau de Villette has seven luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms located
 in the 18th century east wing. In addition, the estate has an orangery, a 16th-century wine
 cellar and a chapel where guests can see a memorial plaque to Nicolas, the
 Marquis de Condorcet and Sophie de Grouchy.

Photos © Bruno Ehrs

Полностью восстановленный в своей первоначальной красе Chateau de Villette
 прекрасно иллюстрирует новая книга издательства Flammarion (Guillaume Picon)
" Chateau de Villette: The Splendor of French Decor "

The restoration work was carried out under the direction of the decorator
 Jacques Garcia, who successfully restored the Louvre and Versailles.


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