Villa Mabrouka in Tangier by Yves Saint-Laurent & Pierre Bergé

Decorator Jacques Grange

One of designer Yves Saint-Laurent's favorite places is the Moroccan
 villa "Mabrouka" with a beautiful view of Gibraltar, located on a cliff and
 towering over the medina of Tangier. It was here that he came when he
 wanted to take a break from the hustle and bustle, meditate
 and just listen to the birds singing... 

The famous decorator Jacques Grange worked on the villa twice. This was the first 
time that Yves Saint-Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé were vacationing here after
 buying a villa. The second time, when after the departure of the couturier, his faithful
 friend Pierre Berger decided to reconstruct "Mabruk". By this time, the customer and
 the decorator had been cooperating for about forty years and understood each other
 perfectly. Jacques Grange stated that "they now just continued the conversation
 they  started  a  long  time  ago"...

Jacques Grange :

"Pierre Berger, unfortunately, did not have time to see the final transformation
 of his wonderful house. I was simply shocked that he continued to decorate it
 on the  very last day. The "House of Fortune" really lives on in memories and 
the best decor is a tribute to the memory of its owners"

Photography  ©  NICOLAS MATHÉUS

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