Private Residence #5 by Oz Architects

 Paradise Valley, Arizona, US

A private residence in the small millionaire town of Paradise Valley, 
in the southwestern United States, whose residents have a reputation for not
 wanting to leave.  you don't want to leave under any circumstances. There aren't
 any impressive  but it does have the homes and estates of America's top celebrities. 
with swimming pools and tennis courts, luxury hotels, golf clubs and
 restaurants with highly trained waiters. The chance to meet 
 The opportunity to meet a real star in a sweltering bar with great tequila,
cacti and trips out into the stony desert where mirages merge with reality,
 attracts a lot of curious people to Paradise Valley.
attracts a lot of curious... 

The mansion is built in the best traditions of colonial and Mediterranean
 The exquisite interior of the large house in a bright colour palette the interior
 of the large house,  designed in a light colour palette,  has an atmosphere of
 warmth, cosiness and comfort. The limestone and wooden floors, the antique 
stone fireplaces and the wrought-iron work are wonderfully well finished. stone
 fireplaces and hand-forged wrought iron  harmoniously co-exist  in harmony
 with the minimalist kitchen, expensive appliances  and modern, abstract paintings.
 Traditional natural stone and wood are used in the finishes.  natural stone and wood,
 and the exposed wooden beams on the solid walls and ceilings offer protection to 
the interior.  The massive exposed wooden beams on the walls and ceilings
 protec  the interior from the heat and heat of the building. 
Designed and realised by Scottsdale-based Oz Architects
head designer Inga Rehmann.

Photography  ©  Lisa Romerein 

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