Dramatic Mountainside House in Yatsugatake, Japan

House floating above the mountainside

Architects:: Kidosaki Architects Studio
Photos  ©  Junji Kojima
An original private house on a mountainside in the suburbs of Nogano, Japan. Thanks to a non-trivial architectural solution, the owners of the house have the opportunity to enjoy magnificent panoramas of the picturesque surroundings from almost every window of the building. Hirotaka Kidosaki, the project's chief architect: "The character and philosophy of this environmentally friendly home reflects our client's respect for Japan's stunning natural beauty."

In the residential block, the open-plan living room is combined with a kitchen and dining room. Floor-to-ceiling windows line the perimeter of the house, most of which has a wide balcony protected by a large roof overhang. The reasonable minimalism inherent in Japanese interiors, a neutral color palette, natural wood and concrete as the main finishing materials contribute to a contemplative mood and do not distract from the magnificent panoramas outside the windows.

The simple design of the house consists of a few simple elements: a concrete base, a living block and a pair of steel pipes with a diameter of 300 millimeters, which support the floating part of the structure.

Photography © Junji Kojima


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