Private Ski-in-Ski-Out Chalet by Eric Kuster in Verbier

Atmospheric Swiss chalet in Verbier

A joint team of Kabaz Architects and Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury was formed 
to work on an iconic project in the Swiss Alpine resort of Verbier. Warmth and
 comfort were the watchwords for the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury
 team as they designed the interiors for this
 private Ski-in-Ski-Out Chalet.

The chalet’s wooden structure has been complemented with a sumptuous mix of
 materials with respect for the typical swiss style of wood flooring, walls and beamed 
ceilings. The focal point is an eye-catching blue steel staircase, referencing the cool 
landscape outside. The rest of the property exudes warmth with earthy velvets,
 sheepskin rugs and leather flooring, nestling alongside a mix of textiles
 from woven sheers to wools and plaids.

All this creates the perfect ambiance for apres-ski entertaining or relaxing.
 The chalet’s plush interiors reflect the status of Verbier as a luxury resort
 frequented by top athletes and leisure skiiers.

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