"Wolf's Lair" : Hollywood Hills & Moby

Hollywood Hills, LA CA USA

Musician Moby bought a castle built in the 1920s in the Hollywood Hills
 in Los Angeles, California and restored it to its original elegance. The house has all the
 old Hollywood flourishes. The renovation preserves details such as wood-beamed ceiling,
 and the furnishings are mid-century modern. The garages are turned into kick boxing
 room and recording studio. The house is set on three acres with stupendous views.
 From  the deck you can see the Hollywood Reservoir, the famous Hollywood
 sign and, on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean.

After the reconstruction, in which about 2 million dollars were invested,  the guest house 
was turned into a recording studio, and the bar into a "music  space", in 2014 Moby profitably 
sold his estate "Wolf's Lair"  for $12.4 million. It turned out that the musician has the gift of
 earning  on real estate: in 2005, he purchased a three-room apartment near  Central Park
 in Manhattan for $4.5 million, and sold it in 2008 after repairs for $6.7 million. The
 musician, who called himself in an interview "a child prodigy,  who knows how to
 buy and sell real estate”, lives in New York  in the same small house
 since the early 1990s...

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