Designer reef in the interior by Alexandre Chapelin

Alexandre Chapelin’s La Table 

New design work by the French master of exotic furniture Alexandre Chapelin for the LA Table brand. The extraordinary tabletop of an unusual coffee table (coffee table), reminiscent of an underwater reef, is made using the original author’s technique from natural Traventine stone and tinted polymer resin. The designer's studio is located on the famous Eastern Caribbean island of Saint-Martin, where French colonists in past centuries grew tobacco and has more than 30 white sand beaches.

 Alexandre Chapelin’s La Table 
Made from stone encased in resin, this table resembles the cross-section of reef
 surrounding the artist’s home of Saint Martin, a small island just south of the British
 Overseas Territory of Anguilla. The table straddles the line of looking like an up-close 
look at the an underwater formation and a bird’s eye view of an island from miles in
 the air. If you have even the slightest appreciation for the clear waters of the
 Atlantic or well executed design, you’ll be sure to wish you had this
 in your living room. 

Seven years ago, Alexandre Chapelin created the first series of tables called Lagoon Tables using a similar technique. In these works, the designer first used a traventine slab (polycrystalline rock or calcareous tuff) and colored polymer resin. The Lagoon 55 table has become a mini-version of the first product, but for now, unnamed concepts remind romantics of the rich Caribbean history, reminiscent of pirate treasures not yet found...

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