Stylish and Trendy Contemporary Home for Art Lovers

 Three-level apartment in Stuttgart, Germany

Three-level apartment in Stuttgart, in a house on a hill, in one of the best areas of
 the city. The apartments occupy three   the upper floors of a house built in the 80s of
 the last century. The owners, a married couple of collectors and big art lovers,
 wanted  a stylish, modern home and a gallery for their collection, 
with the possibility of holding exhibitions.

Apartment Sch is a stylish contemporary home located in Stuttgart, Germany.
It was completed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, with a trendy modern furniture
 and luxury interior style. 

The first floor is functionally divided into three zones. A round “island” is placed in the center of the space, separated by ceiling lighting and a mesh screen made of thin metal. The inclined vault of the living room ceiling is decorated with a large round mirror, in the reflection of which all surrounding objects create the illusion of three-dimensional space. To the right of it is a billiard table and a staircase leading to the upper floors, where the owners’ private space is located. The panoramic windows of the living room offer beautiful views of the city landscape and fill the space with natural light. All three levels of the apartment are successfully furnished according to an individual project and competently filled with designer furniture and lamps.

Photos by Zooey Braun

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