Cedar View, или альпийская архитектура в Монтане

Cedar View in Montana by Pearson Design Group

Воплощение лучших архитектурных традиций альпийского стиля и американского Дикого Запада на необъятных просторах Монтаны. Чистота аутентичного архитектурного стиля  и натуральных материалов сочетается современными требованиями экологичности и комфорта. 
Проектирование и реализация Pearson Design Group

Alpine Architecture by Pearson Design Group.
Luxury Rustic Mountain Log Cedar View in Montana.
Designing exceptional homes specifically oriented for the Mountain West’s
 unique and exceptional alpine environment.

Photography courtesy of Pearson Design Group

"Rustic has really grown up. It is sophisticated and refined and often carefully edited. 
Today, pine cones and antlers and bucking horses and other obvious motifs are used very 
sparingly, if used at all, and are often are employed in fun, original ways. 
There is a strong movement toward modernism in the new rustic, which means bigger windows, brighter rooms, and cleaner lines, and that translates into less cluttered interiors. What is sacrificed in coziness and cavelike interiors is made up for in open expanses, restful, rejuvenating interiors where nature takes center stage, and truly livable spaces."
 Chase Reynolds Ewald, Author of American Rustic

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