Магия эклектики в доме коллекционера

Apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York
by John B. Murray Architect

Утонченная гармония современного искусства, качественной классики  и
дорогого антиквариата  в нью-йоркской квартире с шестью спальнями на Пятой авеню.
Дизайн и реализация John B. Murray и Stephen Sills

Luxurious apartment designed by John B. Murray 
located on the Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Apartment on Fifth Avenue, New York

Design invention can be a very subtle thing, especially within the formal language of classical architecture. But for those who appreciate nuance, there are always numerous opportunities to innovate within classicism’s hierarchical parameters. Take this Upper East Side apartment, a 6,000-square-foot, six-bedroom residence renovated in collaboration with interior designer Stephen Sills. 
 The clients desired a grand, extremely gracious residence with rooms that were utterly unique in character, but framed by architectural elements clearly rooted in the historical framework so appropriate to the space and its context.

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