Современная бразильская эклектика от Роберто Миготто

Apartamento São Paulo by Roberto Migotto

Высококачественная эклектика в нескольких современных интерьерах
 бразильского архитектора-дизайнера Роберто Миготто (Robert Migotto),
 работающего преимущественно в Сан-Паулу (São Paulo).

Roberto Migotto is a very talented architect and interior designer born in Brazil
 and he is beloved by the local people and celebrities. Roberto always mixes classic
 pieces with contemporary ones to create fabulous spaces that are unique,
 elegant, sophisticated and livable.

Roberto Migotto:
"I was born and raised in Brazil and I know so much about that country, not only its culture but also its soul. If you ever visited Brazil you’d know how many “faces” it has. If you know Brazil for its infamous Carnival you’ll tell me that is a very vibrant, sexy, colorful and full of life country. If you know Brazil for its gorgeous beaches you’ll tell me that you’ve been to paradise. If you tell me you know many friends from Brazil you’ll tell me that you know how a real friendship should be, and if you know some brazilian designers you’ll tell me that they aren’t afraid to create, reinvent and explore not only the natural beauty Brazil offers but also to explore every culture outside of ours, because they are here to share their passion. And that is what these pictures transmit to us: Passion for color, for warmth, for beauty."

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