Дизайнерская эклектика в пентхаусе на 5-й авеню


Владельцы пентхауса на 5-й авеню в центре Нью-Йорка позволили дизайнерам
 студии HUXHUX Design насладиться свободой стилистических решений в интерьере
 их дома. Дизайнерская мебель и немалое количество оригинальных аксессуаров
 делают интерьер пентхауса оригинальным и нетривиальным

HUXHUX Design completed this amazing eclectic penthouse
 apartment situated on the Fifth Avenue in New York City

Description by HUXHUX Design

This project addresses bringing the human hand back into the digital process of making by focusing on the sensual qualities of pieces. This massive built in takes a clean modern form that necessary engages the senses. The cupboards are made of Corian…so while their looks belie materiality, when one touches the doors–specifically designed with push latches–they feel the cold smooth stone-like surface. 
The solid brass panels have been CNC routed with patterns, but the focus for these elements is the dynamic relationship between moire light and shadow created by these sliding panels (which serve to conceal the television). The wood also is a visual overload…by working with heavily figured tiger maple the simple forms of the thick clean shelves are complicated by the material’s almost iridescent reaction to light. The unit changes color as one moves around the room and shifts perspective.

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