Эклектичный интерьер от RUE MONSIEUR PARIS


Эклектичный интерьер квартиры - шоу-рума
французской компании высококачественной мебели RUE MONSIEUR PARIS.
Дизайн и реализация  Marjan Denkov, арт-директор Rue Monsieur Paris furniture

In L’Appartment art, design, light, music and scent work together to create
 the perfect setting for Rue Monsieur Paris furniture.

L’Appartement is a new space in Paris, designed by Marjan Denkov,
Art Director of French furniture company Rue Monsieur Paris, to create the ideal
 showcase for their creations. It is a space where stark monochromatic patterns meet
opulent details, and visual illusions compete with stunning views of the Seine
 and the nearby Eiffel Tower, all merging into a unique visual experience.

Мебельная компания Rue Monsieur Paris была основана тремя друзьями -
Marjan Denkov, Marcin Kokowski и Marjorie Renner в 2012 году. Marjan Denkov –
 опытный художник, выступает в роли арт-директора. Дизайн мебели от Rue
 Monsieur  Paris можно описать как симбиоз минимализма и различных
течений в изобразительном искусстве. В каких-то предметах наблюдается
влияние скульптуры Англии середины прошлого столетия, где-то авторы
 поддаются влиянию поп-арта. В отделке используется большое количество
техник и материалов. Здесь и работа со стеклом, геометричные орнаменты из
 мрамора, тонкая работа с деревом. Работа выполнена на высочайшем уровн
е мастерства, все детали проработаны до мельчайших деталей, что
  позволяет наслаждаться мебелью как арт-объектом.

All Rue Monsieur Paris pieces are handcrafted by carefully selected artisans using rare techniques. Their creations aim to surprise, each piece calling for a second glance, perhaps from a different angle and distance.
A heavy silk royal blue rug by the Classic Rug Collection Company, handmade in Nepal, over the chevron wooden floor provide the perfect background to show off the artistry of the geometric trompe-l’?il patterned Moonlight Kaleidoscope coffee table and Midnight Gallery console. Both pieces feature marble marquetry over a wooden structure, a technique where hand-cut pieces of marble are inlayed onto a wooden surface.
The console, which can also serve as a sideboard thanks to its extensible stainless steel legs has been chosen as ‘the Best of Maison&Objet’ by AD Spain and ELLE Decor.  The fluid, organic shape of the sculptural Altoum Seater, echoing mid-20th century British sculpture, both complements and contrasts the rest of the interior.
The desk in the study is the T table by Dsignedby (winner of a gold A Design Award 2015) in brass, corian and wood, paired with the Op Art styled Tectonic Silence chair in ultra-glossy lacquered paint.
The ample natural light of L’Appartment works in tandem with the light fittings designed by Delightfull, allowing for maximum flexibility in creating the perfect mood every moment of the day.
Even the radiators are custom designed and made for the space by Zavar Design, each unique piece inspired by sources as diverse as monumental socialistic sculpture and cathedral organs.
For the finishing touches, fabrics were selected from Leli?vre and Thevenon, bed & bath linen from Magb? Camara, while the ambiance is further enhanced by Dr. Vranjes Firenze home fragrances.

Photos by Piotr Stoklosa

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