Комфортный минимализм в шведской мансарде


Студия Note Design Studio из Стокгольма реализовала проект
обновления мансарды-лофта площадью 200 кв. метров в доме постройки
 30-х годов минувшего столетия. Гармоничное сочетание светлых бежево-
абрикосовых тонов стен и серо-синего декора мебели создаёт ощущени
 комфорта и уюта в минималистичесом интерьере.

Stockholm-based firm Note Design Studio, better known for its furniture and
 homeware design, has recently refurbished this 1930s loft apartment in Sweden.
Since its construction, Casa Ljungdahl had undergone multiple renovations.

“When it was our turn to renew the the 200 square meter apartment our first step
 was to simplify everything we felt was too much, in terms of dimensions and materials,”
 said Note Design Studio. “The task was to create a relaxed, soft environment and
 the main  interior feature is a dark, low-lying base line that runs like a unifying
 horizon through the whole apartment.”

 The blue-gray line works as a storage unit and becomes a base for the ceiling
 height to shoot off from. Note Design Studio utilize the loft’s steep niches in a simple
 way by filling them with really deep drawers. This framing of the rooms create a
 classic salon atmosphere, and becomes a wink to architecture of the old days.

All walls and ceilings are painted in apricot pink and sandy beige tones
which gives a soft, hazy atmosphere, creating a dynamic but gentle contrast
 to the blue-gray base. Nothing in the apartment is white!

“In the beginning of the project we found three images which together became the foundation of the expression. The motifs: a brown cashmere coat, a pair of sand-colored sneakers and a plaza in Rome. Stylish but relaxed with an international look resistant to time. We looked for inspiration in environments with timeless character in elaborate and classic rooms. Spaces built in indelible, finely worked materials with carefully composed color palettes. We’ve aspired to reach a certain mood rather than a concept,” concludes Note Design Studio.

all images courtesy of Note Design Studio

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