Jean-Louis Deniot : парижская квартира для принцессы от дизайнера Жана-Луи Денио


Квартира в престижном XVI-м округе Парижа, где находятся посольства
 более 90 стран мира. Хозяйка квартиры, где не производился капитальный 
ремонт на протяжении 125 лет,- 25-ти летняя принцесса из Ближнего Востока.
 Устаревшая планировка квартиры площадью 5,000 кв. футов не соответствовала
 реалиям сегодняшнего дня и пожеланиям заказчицы.  Жан-Луи Денио : "... мы
 разрушили все и начали на пустом месте. В квартире не осталось ничего
 оригинального кроме двери или двух, которые сохранили для истории...".
 Дизайнер предложил решение в спокойном неоклассическом стиле,
 характерном для многих его интерьеров. 

To create her first Paris apartment, a Middle Eastern princess turns to designer
 Jean-Louis Deniot, who conjures a fresh, fanciful, and feminine
 take on traditional elegance.

She landed on the work of Jean-Louis Deniot.
 "I fell in love with his design aesthetic, his attention to details, and his ability 
to create an artistic atmosphere in the spaces he designs," she says. "He mixes
 vintage pieces with modern elements, soft with strong, feminine and masculine. 
I knew then he was the right interior designer for my Paris apartment."

For Deniot, who is based in the city, the three-year-long project was a dream assignment. "The client wanted a grand French apartment without falling into the basic Haussmannian clich," he says. "At the same time, she was only 25 years old, so she was looking for something fresh, eclectic, and playful." As she puts it, "I wanted it to feel homey but luxurious and artistic at the same time."
Deniot proposed a neoclassical theme with "clean lines and moldings and cornices that are more sober" than those of a typical Haussmann-era flat. She approved wholeheartedly.
Since the apartment had never been renovated in its 125-year existence, the layout was "obsolete," Deniot says. In old Paris homes, "the kitchens were systematically badly placed because the owners all had staff. We needed to adapt the plan to today's life: big bathrooms, walk-in closets, air-conditioning, and a modern kitchen. So we demolished everything inside and started from scratch. Nothing in the apartment is original except a door or two that we kept as a reference."
...In the master bedroom, the bed is by Jean-Louis Deniot for Collection Pierre, and the canopy is of a silk by Brunschwig & Fils, lined with a fabric by Colefax and Fowler; the carpet by Diurne and the nightstand are custom designs...



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