Римский отель Palazzo Manfredi

The Luxury Aparthotel Palazzo Manfredi, Rome, Italy

Palazzo Manfredi - Relais & Chateaux находится в самом сердце Рима,
недалеко от стен Колизея на месте античных гладиаторских школ и казарм
 легионеров. Отель был открыт в 2002 году после реконструкции здания владельцем
 - римским аристократом и инженером Джоффредо Манфреди. Отель выгодно
отличается  своим  месторасположением и самыми  лучшими  видами на
исторический центр Рима. Даже завтрак на террасе можно совместить
 с экскурсом в историю самого большого древнего города, ведь из
ресторана открывается панорамный вид на Колизей. 

Reborn over timeless Roman ruins of past generations, Palazzo Manfreidi
is an intimate expression of Rome itself. Awaiting you is fine dining experience
 from an award-winning chef and a collection of individually created guestrooms -
  all with unsurpassed views of the Coliseum.

Widely regarded as one of the finest dining experiences in the eternal city of Rome, Aroma restaurant is one of the most luxurious of restaurants in Rome.

With an unrivalled view overlooking the grandeur of the Colosseum, Aroma takes the form of a contemporary rooftop terrace with a glass observatory allowing for dining during all seasons. The lounge bar terrace overlooks the very special Colle Oppio, the Emperor Nero’s gardens, which is an ideal spot for cocktails before dinner.

Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio delights guests with modern Italian cuisine, always guided by fresh and seasonal ingredients, with a sense of tradition also firmly bedded in.

Signature dishes, include ‘Green fresh pasta parcels with sea bass and scorpion fish stuffing, with Amalfi lemon scent,’ and ‘Mediterranean fish and crustacean stew with Taggia black olives and crusty bread.’

With the Colosseum on its doorstep, the five star Palazzo Manfredi is a rare gem in the heart of the historical centre of Rome, offering unparalleled views over the ancient city, including the Colosseum itself, the Imperial Forum and the Domus Aurea. This luxurious 17th century palazzo combines traditional architecture with a contemporary style, offering 16 individually created rooms and suites which blend old and new.

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