Лофт художника в Бруклине

New York. A Brooklyn artist loft 

Реконструкция производственного склада из легких металлических конструкций
 в Бруклине (Нью-Йорк) под лофт художника. Три уровня лофта позволили
свободно и комфортно разместить составляющие - от библиотеки и
кухни до спальни и студии. Дизайн и реализация BWArchitects

This dramatic conversion of a light manufacturing warehouse to an artist
 live/work loft studio juxtaposes the gritty, industrial character of the building
exterior with warm, expansive interior spaces flooded by natural light.

A retractable translucent wall divides the living and working areas. When closed, its translucency directs filtered light from the linear skylight and northern exposure rear facade towards the library and studio areas. A large sloped skylight acts as a space definer between the live and work areas and a white steel and glass staircase connects the lower level with sleeping rooms and a large roof deck occupying the floor above.

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