PANO Penthouse Designed By Ayutt And Associates

Трирівневий пентхаус з панорамою на Бангкок

Трехуровневый пентхаус  PANO занимает с 53-й, 54-й и 55-й этажи
 одного из самых высоких небоскребов Бангкока в Таиланде и обеспечивает
 владельцам прекрасные панорамы города и возможность наслаждаться лучами
уходящего за горизонтом солнца. Неограниченный бюджет клиента позволил
также бассейн, террасу и сад. Интерьер декорирован  мрамором, гранитом,
редкими породами древесины, дизайнерской мебелью, и современными
 произведениями  искусства.  Дизайн и реализация  студии
AAd (главный дизайнер Ayutt Mahasom)  в 2014 году.

The PANO Penthouse, set in Bangkok, is a luxurious home design
 in the creative minds of Ayutt and Associates design. The dynamic, geometric structure
 of this home combines a modern feel with spectacular views of the city as well as
the Phraya river that will awe and astound people who come
 to know this apartment.

Project Name  :   PANO

The architect juxtaposes the inside with the outside of the penthouse into a cohesive space that brings life and nature together. This is clearly shown from the living room to the balcony outside.
The office space is another room that gives off a modern feel with the black and white pallet along with the clear railing on the stairs.
Inside and outside cohabitate in this spa like room with a balcony. The color pallet of black and white on the couch give a balance to this room that works with the view of the river.
Another luxurious room is the modern yet peaceful bathroom in the bedroom. With a square marble tub and a clear glass shower, this room has all a couple needs to relax and be at peace in their own sanctuary. The decorative nature wall behind the tub brings together the luxury as well as a natural feel to the bathroom.

Luxury and nature are joined together again in the bar with a pool. A family will have all they need to relax and enjoy their time at home in a vacation like environment.
The bedroom environment is very modern but has a peaceful, comfortable feel with cool colors in the room.
The living room’s color spectrum creates a modern feel with the black, white, and the clear glass to the outside world. The couch copies the same pattern as the spa like room with a balcony. The lamp contributes further to the modern feel of the room with its arch like structure.
The cryptic like room with a marble like, rectangular design creates a sense of peace as it leaves a view to the outside.
The closet has its own room that offers great space, and the mirror design on the closet doors create an interesting, unique, and dynamic feel to the room.
The dinning room and kitchen share space in harmony that feels natural and sophisticated with a lot of natural light filling the space.
The PANO Penthouse is a home where luxury and nature live together in harmony.
Location:                 Triplex Penthouse, level 53 – 55th, The Pano residence, Bangkok, Thailand

Designer:                 AAd (Ayutt and Associates design)

Lead designer:          Ayutt Mahasom

Designers:               Suvatthana Satthbannasuk

                            Sasiwimol Utisup

Unit area:                700 sq.m.

Project Year:            2013 – 2014

Photographer:          Piyawut Srisakul

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