Отель Kirini Suites and Spa на Санторини

Santorini, Greece. Kirini Suites and Spa Hotel

Отель Kirini Suites and Spa – небольшой очаровательный отель на отвесной скале у берега моря на высоте около 100 метров, в деревушке Ия. Большая часть построек на территории отеля некогда была естественными вулканическими пещерами, которые использовались как жилища и винные хранилища. Теперь эти пещеры гармонично составили гостиничные номера отеля. Все номера выполнены в традиционном стиле островной кикладской архитектуры,  который сочетает традиционные эгейские элементы декора и современные дизайнерские приёмы. С террас отеля открываются замечательные панорамы на вулканические острова Кальдеры и Эгейское море

Katikies boutique hotels in Santorini Island, perfectly located in the unique natural environments’ locations of Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani in Santorini, breathtaking Caldera views cohabit resplendently with these idyllic retreats that express the ultimate in luxury, exclusivity and privacy. Highly suited for guests looking for an experience on the magnificent Santorini Island that symbolizes nothing short of excellence, Katikies Hotels provide all that is special and sublime in the Cycladic islands of Greece, where chalky whitewashed houses upon into opulent suites and rooms delicately furnished with fine muslins that billow gently in the soft, sweet island breeze.

Emerging from the depths of the seas like a lost Atlantis, Santorini Island provokes powerful emotions, from the moment one first approaches the imposing Caldera, amongst the natural wonders of planet earth. Each natural element of the Island is here to remind us that Santorini does have a “divine” touch. Imagine a rhapsody in blue and white, the Cycladic architectural tradition hand by hand with the contemporary good life, a parade of Greek flavours and a set of sunsets over the volcano of Santorini. You are at Kirini Suites and Spa. Nestled in the village of Oia, famed for offering the best views in Santorini, Kirini is literally the idyllic splendid retreat of the Aegean Sea. Suites of white perfectionism, the Anthеs Restaurant sculpted into the rocks by the pool, an ambient spa that deifies all senses and an exceptional – always present and always discreet – service. No wonder Kirini is the icon of elegant accommodation in Greece. This is a world where the heavenly clarity of light picks up every dazzling white and every shade of blue into what then imprints a magnificent canvas of sublime images onto the human memory.

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