Нью-йоркские впечатления для мексиканского интерьера

Mexico City. Apartment CM by Kababie Arquitectos

Современная эстетика в элегантном мексиканском интерьере
от дизайнеров студии  Kababie Arquitectos, вдохновившихся нью-йоркскими
 лофтами. Особенность интерьера - применение повторно используемой
древесины не только для декорирования стен, а и потолка.

This elegant 2,906 sq ft apartment was designed in 2014 by Kababie Arquitectos.
It’s located in Interlomas, Mexico City, Mexico.

Description by Kababie Arquitectos

Inspired in New York lofts, this apartment opens its spaces and shows a sober and elegant aesthetic.
As an important part of the design, looking for the atmosphere of loft, we highlighted the original building metal structure, and to achieve this we used different colors between structural elements and the walls. We created a contrast between this industrial aesthetic in grey tones, with the use of wooden walls and even the ceiling to give a warm touch to spaces of rest as the family room, which is made of reused wood.

Photography by Jaime Navarro


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