Двухуровневый пентхаус в Порту-Алегри, Бразилия

Penthouse Apartment by Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura

Оригинальный двухуровневый пентхаус c террасой и бассейном  в городе Порту-Алегри,
 на юге Бразилии.  Дизайн и реализация архитектора Evelise Tellini Vontobel.

Designed by Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura, this inspiring 3,574 sq ft
 penthouse apartment is located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Description by Tellini Vontobel Arquitetura
So perhaps one could define the concept of this project, designed to cover the double-height, in the most noble of the capital.
What a penthouse apartment, surrounded by glass on all sides, is a beautiful residence, this is fact. But the social area, invaded by the sun and direct light, might be a place you spend a little feeling of warmth and intimacy.
And starting from this point that the architect Evelise Tellini Vontobel began his work. “Creating an environment impact, extremely comfortable, very cozy and fully integrated into the outdoor area was the most important premise” explains Evelise.
The apartment, a duplex-ceilinged room, next to the outdoor area has all the social environment and the kitchen, and downstairs rooms and service area.
By accessing the apartment by social elevator, you have immediately the sensation of amplitude, was eliminated because the social hall, integrating spaces.
The choice of raisin dominant tone in the living room, in contrast to the differences found in the carpet and the subtle details of the big blind, who serves as blackout. The environment at the same time serious and behaved, gets a casual touch with the banks by the colorful coffee table.
If the darker tones dominate the environment gets a unique brightness with large sheets of glass that surround the space, with breathtaking view of the city. Dark tones and earthy follow upholstery, furniture, and objects in the details, continuing the sequence a hue below the toilet, especially with a large lighted niche.
The kitchen, which is separated from the social only by a large sliding door is kept open most of the time to integrate the environment is one of the most widely used home environments. The modern and classic figures oppose the hood and on the carpet of cowhide.
The outdoor area is another world in shades of green, a micro-reserve suspended. The green vegetation is associated with the pool tom pads, which coexists harmoniously with the earth vessel, the floor and the furniture. A true oasis in the heights.
Photography by Omar Freitas Junior

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