Лофт рок-звезды в Лос-Анджелесе

Los Angeles. Gothic Glam Loft by BAM Design Lab 

Нестандартный дизайн индустриально-готического лофта рок-звезды
в Лос-Анджелесе. Контраст бетона и стали, бархата и кожи, фактур обоев
 от Vahallan, Iris Maschek, итальянских Yolo, увеличивают глубину пространсва
 и создают мрачное меланхолическое настроение. Акриловые барочные стулья,
 стеганная кожанная софа от Baxter, поликарбонатная лампа от Захи Хадид
 подчеркивают готический гламур, о котором мечтал владелец лофта...

Gothic Glam Loft is a private residence designed by BAM Design Lab. 
The stylish home is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Gothic Glam Loft by BAM Design Lab:

“Our client wanted to create a dark and moody loft in his light filled Los Angeles condo. The contrast of natural materials such as steel and concrete with elegant tufted leather, velvets, and акриловый пластик united to provide a rich contrast and unexpected luxury. As you enter into the space the walls are covered with Concrete Wall wall covering to give the luxury condo a more industrial feel.
 The dining room walls have been covered in raw steel and contrast with the Acrila baroque acrylic chairs and the polycarbonite Zaha Hadid S lamp fixture. This contrast of materials creates layers of depth and when paired with the Voila Gallery Dome Bone Chairs and added element of surprised is infused into the space.
The living room wall is covered with wallpaper from the Italian manufacturer Yolo and gives the room a modernized old world feel of peeling plaster. The white leather tufted Baxter Sofa works perfectly in the space to bring an element of modern baroque into the space. We had the Pewter coffee table commissioned by a local fabricator and it’s really ties that rough luxe feeling together.
The bedroom is designed for a rockstar and is gothic grunge with a modern twist. The Iris Maschek custom mural wallpaper is recessed into the illuminated cove and appears like artwork in the space. The custom frame by Voila Gallery surrounds the headboard wallpaper making it stand out like artwork. This hand carved frame is custom finished in silver leaf and distressed to give it that old world charm. The neo-baroque Abigail Ahern fixture suspends above the bed and is a masterpiece on it’s own.
The minimal design of this custom bed compliments these elements but does not fight them.
The guest bedroom walls are also covered in wallpaper from Iris Maschek on the headboard wall and accented with a rustic metallic wallpaper from Vahallan. This contrast of materials keeps anything from looking too clean. The magenta Camerich bed adds a pop of color into the room, but keeps it moody.
 The industrial nightstand lamps also from Voila Gallery combine with all the elements to keep things moody and infuse the space with rich materials. The light is dim, but sets the mood for the Gothic Glam guest bedroom.”

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