"Золотой век" в интерьере на выставке Casa Cor - 2015

Sao Paulo. Casa Cor by Studio Guilherme Torres

Пафосная инсталляция для выставки Casa Cor - 2015 в Сан-Паулу (Бразилия) в здании Jockey Club. Дизайн и декорирование пространства площадью 400 кв. метров студии дизайна Studio Guilherme Torres в сотрудничестве с ведущей компанией мебели Todeschini (Todeschini Pavilion).  Casa Cor в Сан-Паулу – считается самым крупным событием в сфере архитектуры, декора и ландшафтного дизайна в Латинской Америке.

This contemporary 4,305 sq ft space was designed in 2015
 by Studio Guilherme Torres for Casa Cor Sao Paulo decoration exhibition.

Description by Studio Guilherme Torres
Original idea, transatlantic inspiration. The maxim “less is more”, coined by the German architect Mies van der Rohe, one of the greatest idols of Torres, paradoxically, is the antithesis of what preached the legendary American decorator Dorothy Draper. For her, more was better. With floors on black and white, fancy boiseries and oversized handles, her ambiance was eccentric, exuberant and glamorous. The story of this pioneering decor merges to the own history of interior design as a professional activity. Her office, where she worked tirelessly from 1920 to 1960, produced a number of iconic projects, including grand hotels. Dorothy also left her mark in Brazil, with the interiors’ signature of “Palicio Quitandinha”, a treasure hidden on the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro.
About the project:
On the 2015 edition of Casa Cor Sao Paulo, a temporary decoration exhibition which takes place from May 26th to July 12th, the architect Guilherme Torres in a joint venture with the mega corporation Todeschini, a leading furniture company, creates a cosmopolitan, playful and contemporary vision on 400 square meters that revisits the golden days of the Jockey Club building, host of the exhibition and stage of memorable parties of Sao Paulo high society on its golden years.
In times of austerity and restraint, Guilherme prefers to take the opposite direction and revisit the luxury of a time without dated stigmas, creating his own interpretation of the vision that he shares with the legacy of Dorothy – touches of fantasy and drama, contrasts of black & white and some boldness in the proportions. “I do not like being stuck to my own formulas. I believe shows and exhibitions are an opportunity for escapism, fit for creativity, perfect for free imagination”, according to him.
Photography by MCA Estudio

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