Gerard Butler loft in Chelsea, NYC, USA

Gerard Butler : нью-йоркський лофт актора Джерарда Батлера

Architecture : Alexander Gorlin Architects
Interior designer : Elvis Restaino
Photos  ©  Durston Saylor

Gerard Butler loft in Chelsea : of a four-door mahogany.
 In the lobby of the ceiling painting "The Rape of Ganymede." Eventually 
broken plaster walls. Massive columns with capitals. Crystal chandeliers, cast
 flickering shadows. What is it - a medieval castle? Not at all. This loft in the
 heart of New York's Chelsea neighborhood...

In May, 2010, Architectural Digest profiled Gerard Butler's Chelsea loft
 in May, 2010, causing the interior design world to sit up in our.

 When asked to describe the loft's style, Butler offered : 
 "I guess I would describe the apartment as Bohemian old-world
 rustic  chateau with a taste of baroque." 

  Located on the sixth and seventh floor of an abandoned warehouse,
 the loft was mostly white and uninspiring, broken up  into several small rooms. 
Butler, however, saw the tall ceilings with oversized arched  windows, and realized
 its potential.  His architect, Alexander Gorlin, gutted the apartmen
 for a fresh start, leaving only two support beams.

 Belgian  linen-covered  bergeres  and  take  notice.
 Designed by movie set designer Elvis  Restaino, this 3,300 square-foot,
 two-story loft seems to incorporate just about every design style 
(save Contemporary Zen), with spectacular results!

 With his hiring of set designer Restaino,  Butler found a kindred design soul,
 and the two developed the  loft's "fanciful aesthestic" over four-years' time. 

Designer Elvis Restaino :  “A fascinating journey that you wouldn’t even imagine...” 

via  "AD"

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