Симфония камня и дерева в американском доме

Eberl Residence in Colorado by Barrett Studio Architects

Совершенная симфония камня и дерева в американском доме в штате Колорадо заслуженно получила ежегодную награду "Home of the Year Award" от журнала "Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine". Дизайн и реализация BARRETT STUDIO architects. Главный архитектор David Barrett.

Eberl Residence is a home located in Evergreen, Colorado, USA.
It was designed by Barrett Studio Architects.

Photos by Ron Ruscio

Eberl Residence by Barrett Studio Architects:

“We are thrilled that our team recently won the 2015 Home of the Year Award for designing an organic luxury home tucked away in Evergreen, Colorado. This win was featured in the June issue of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine with the home being described as having the “perfect alchemy.” We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our firm, BARRETT STUDIO architects, and share this news with your team. We think this project and recent win will be of interest to your followers and readers alike.
This award winning home harkens to traditional Colorado construction and materials such as stone and timber while offering an exquisitely contemporary experience – open, flowing, and full of light. As a larger structure, it was conscientiously made efficient and responsible, blending seamlessly with nature. It is a true celebration of this special Colorado place from which it finds its form, and an intriguing expression of the eclectic style of two Colorado natives.
It is a marriage of traditional and contemporary sensibilities, anchored in nature. Our Principal Architect David Barrett, FAIA, says, “This home exemplifies what I call Living Architecture, which is essentially learning from the living and natural systems with which we are seamlessly intertwined. The intent of living harmoniously is returned to the forefront of the art and the act of building.” In his 35-year practice of architecture, Mr. Barrett applies this philosophy to projects of all sizes.”

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