Apartment in Chicago by Jean-Louis Deniot

 Project in Chicago

Interior of an apartment in Chicago in a 1928 building overlooking Lake 
Michigan  by Parisian decorator Jean-Louis Deniau. The eclectic interior is full of
 historical allusions. The design of individual pieces and the decor of entire rooms
 are inspired by places, things and styles of the past. The new is stylized by the
 the old, the old is restored and upholstered with new fabrics. The result 
is a strange harmony of strange eclecticism.

In this Chicago 465 square meter apartment he has again successfully
 mixed classical and European taste with American influence.

Jean-Louis Deniot :
"To make the rooms seem higher, I played with vertical lines and
 I made many of the rooms with coffered ceilings...".
The apartment is 465sqm.

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