Эклектика по-бразильски от Guilherme Torres

The PV House Project By Studio Guilherme Torres
South American Luxury

Деликатная эклектика в бразильском интерьере PV House,
где чистота минималистических форм и современных материалов разбавлена
 антиквариатом и современными дизайнерскими барочными репликами.
 Дизайн и реализация Studio Guilherme Torres из Сан-Пауло.

Minimalist details and a rich-but-reserved material palette characterize the work
of Guilherme Torres. Adhering to this principles he designed the stunning interior
of  the PV House in Brazil.

The home features stunning attention to detail throughout, a stunning interior of wood and white walls makes for a modern appeal. The contemporary design is also host to some amazing features and eye-catching details along the way, with great attention to detail in the process. With ample space for family time, and plenty of private areas for relaxing, this home offers up something for everything and includes a lavish allure all the while.

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