Резиденция под Киевом в тосканском стиле

Kyiv city Residence. Ukraine
Inspired by Italian and Tuscan style

Резиденция под Киевом, архитектура и интерьеры которой свободно
 интерпретируют тосканский стиль. Несмотря на элементы средневекового
 экстерьера и отдельные фрагменты декора –  двухметровый камин,
оригинальную декоративную штукатурку и потолочные балки из
натурального дерева, интерьер задуман как современный,- будто хозяева
недавно обновили старинную виллу и наполнили ее антиквариатом,
 дизайнерской мебелью  и современным артом.

Residence, Ukraine. Inspired by Italian and Tuscan style, this residence in Kiev is full
 of finishing materials and furniture selected in Italy, Germany and France.

Completed in 2014, this residence were designed in Tuscan Style.

It’s full of finishing materials, elements of interior and decor, all of which were specially selected in Italy, Germany, France and were brought to Ukraine. For example, the deer head, fringy with age-old tapestry of XIX century. As a result we can see the castle kitchen with a spit in the fireplace 1,94 meter height hand thrown from marble. Well on the square in front of the house also made of marble. Beams and ceilings are made of age-old oak timber. The walls of landlord’s bedroom are made of sheet-iron, covered wax, which combines with recherch textile Loro Piana. At juvenile’s bedroom the age-old icons live side by side with Roy Lichtenstein’s drawings. 

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