Create classic interiors : Американская кухня голландского дизайнера

Papyrus Home Design

Дизайнер из Голландии Катя ван дер Лоо (Katja van der Loo),
после работы в нью-йорком Сохо открыла студию интерьеров
 Papyrus Home Design LLC в Морристауне (Morristown),
 штат Нью-Джерси. Кухня на фотографиях,
 одна из работ ее студии.

Katja van der Loo

Interior Designer and Business Owner,
Papyrus Home Design LLC

The design philosophy of Katja van der Loo is to create classic interiors, 
regardless of style, that will stand up over time. Spaces are shaped to embody
 the atmosphere we wish to create, cumulatively reflecting the essence of who we 
are and the spirit of the people who live in them. Color and light act as essential, 
yet subtle, backgrounds. The space should “live,” evolving and growing with 
one’s travels, art, photography and meaningful treasury of life experiences. 
It should allow one to freely change composition, introduce new ideas and
 eclectically blend different furniture in a way that, for reasons not
 completely explicable, make perfect sense in its context.


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