Модернистская вилла в Малибу

Montee Karp House by Patrick Tighe in Malibu 

 Архитектор Patrick Tighe спроектировал и реализовал системную реконструкцию
 небольшого деревянного коттеджа на крутом косогоре в Малибу (Калифорния).
 Было произведено структурное, программное и экологическое обновление старого
 строения, которое  превратилось в модернистскую  виллу  площадью 204 м.кв.
Резиденция имеет необычные фасады, крышу геометрической формы и гараж
 с уникальными  автоматическими  воротами.  Небольшое  внутреннее
пространство  было приспособлено для демонстрации произведений
современного искусства из коллекции хозяина.

Montee Karp is a private residence designed by Patrick Tighe Architecture.
 The contemporary home is located in Malibu, California, USA.

With the help of architect Patrick Tighe and cost $1 million, the Los Angeles couple Nina Montee and Harvey Karp had transformed a wood cottage into their modernist dream home.
Located on a hillside steep site overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this 230 sqm residence has geometric shape roof and facades with unique revolving door and garage.

Montee Karp by Patrick Tighe Architecture:

“The 2200 sq. ft. residence is located on a severe hillside site in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The project is an extensive remodel of an existing post-and-beam home in need of a structural, programmatic and environmental upgrade. The residence is re-envisioned for the 21st century. The existing roof geometry is accentuated creating a language of faceted surfaces. The articulated volume of the building’s front facade extends indoors to define the interior spaces, resulting in a dematerialization of the roof, wall and floor planes. A forced perspective is created, framing the extraordinary views out to the Santa Monica Bay.
The minimal, gallery-like living space is designed to accommodate the client’s extensive collection of contemporary art. Display niches, lighting and the configuration of the spaces are planned to enhance the experience of viewing the art.
The stair has cantilevering steel treads, each with a custom laser-cut pattern. Light from the skylight above filters through the perforated stair to project an ever-changing texture of shadow and light, enlivening the walls and floor.
A grand entry door made of a stainless steel tube frame marks the threshold into the relatively small house. The 10’ high door makes use of a hydraulic pivot and a concealed magnetic locking device.”

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