Industrial Apartment by Ganna Design

From industrial to neo-baroque in one interior

The popular theme of "bare" concrete received an interesting development in the new interior
 from the design studio "Ganna Design" from Taipei (Taiwan). The combination of textures
 of polished  concrete and untreated  surfaces,  parquet and ceramic tiles with designer
 furniture of various directions (up to neo-baroque) in an interior with a free layout, 
became a good example of exploring new possibilities of contemporary
 styles, industrial and neo-baroque.

An interesting example of the dual purpose of a designer kitchen island,
 combining minimalism and neo-baroque - on the one hand, it is used as part of
 the kitchen for cooking, on the other hand, as an element of
 the dining room and bar counter.

This industrial apartment situated in Taipei, Taiwan 
was designed in 2014 by Ganna Design.

The original use of mattresses as elements of the designer allows you to experiment 
with various combinations of a sleeping place, a place for the child to rest and play.

Photography by Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc

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