Лофт-мансарда в Вильнюсе

Modern Attic Apartment by YCL Studio

Минималистическая функциональная мансарда-лофт коллекционера с колоритными видами из окон на старый Вильнюс. Современная скандинавская эстетика. Выразительный контраст старого красного кирпича, белого глянца и остекления колонны. 

Общая площадь квартиры 64 м. кв.
  Дизайн и реализация YCL Studio

This 670 square foot (64 sqm) collector’s apartment was designed by YCL Studio.
Recently completed, it is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Modern Attic Apartment by YCL Studio

DO Project by YCL Studio:
“A long corridor invites to come inside where church cross shines in window.The old town is disclosed by crooked attic, smokey wooden floor, burning firewood.
Space without partitions, doors and stereotypes serves the unusual life. The weight of slopes is overpowered by dominant white and lit trusses.
Everything is hidden in a glossy curled up ribbon- what remains is the space for aesthetics and cosy firelight.”
Photos by: Andrius Stepankevicius

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