Квартира-студия коллекционера в Челси, Нью-Йорк

The Refined Studio in Chelsea

Необычная квартира-студия коллекционера
современного искусства  в Челси ( Chelsea), - престижном историческом районе 
на северо-западе Нижнего Манхэттена в Нью-Йорке.

Хозяин квартиры - человек с нестандартными взглядами. 
Пол Паланджан - выпускник Гарварда, бывший профессиональный
 теннисист, работает в семейном бизнесе по недвижимости. 
Коллекционировать произведения искусства начал в 46 лет.

By his own admission, Paul Palandjian is a guy who has always been rigorously focused: Harvard-educated, a former professional tennis player and the scion of a family of real estate developers who joined the family business. His tastes were conservative, particularly in architecture. After all, he grew up outside Boston. 

But something happened to Mr. Palandjian, who is now 46 and a consultant in defense, security and intelligence, when he began collecting contemporary art. “One day, I was literally standing in the MoMA bookstore, surrounded by all these books on architecture, and I was like, ‘Whoa,’ ” he said recently. “I thought art was various mediums, not building forms. Not architecture. That’s how unsophisticated I was.”

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