White Loft или минимализм по-киевски

Apartment project “White Loft”

"Белый лофт" в центре Киева с прекрасным видом из окна.
Редкий случай, когда заказчик доверил дизайнеру разработку и реализацию
 интерьера, ограничившись общими пожеланиями. Дизайнеру никто не мешал
советами.  В результате заказчик остался с совершенно "никаким" интерьером.
"Дизайнировал" Константин Кашук.

White Loft is a project completed by Kashuk Constantine in 2014. It is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

White Loft by Kashuk Constantine:
“Apartment project “White Loft” – one of those cases where the customer has trusted architect and gave him free rein. The main wish of the customer to the project was to create an interior in a modern style with an open floor plan and a focus on the beautiful form of the window at the panorama of the city. Open space apartment is divided into night and day zone wall, lined with bricks hand-formed, in a completely white interior of this wall is the central compositional element. The dominant white color in the decoration of the walls and the furniture does not distract from the d?cor elements that create comfort in the interior.”

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