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Renovation Apartment in Les Corts by Sergi Pons

Реконструкция квартиры в пригороде Барселоны Les Corts.

Дизайнер Серджи Понс максимально упростил первоначальную хаотичную планировку квартиры в доме 19-го века, оставив неоштукатуренной колоритную старинную кладку и оригинальные балки перекрытий.

Стены белого геометрического куба в центре квартиры, разделяющего кухню и спальню, в котором разместилась ванная, не достигают потолка.

Renovation Apartment in Les Corts is a residential project completed by Sergi Pons.
It is located in Les Corts, Barcelona, Spain :

“It’s about an apartment renovation located in Les Corts neighborhood in Barcelona city, categorized circa the Nineteenth century. The owner, Yuna -from Japanese origin and settled in Spain- has two cats: Tau and Misha.
Originally, the apartment was full with partition walls, and rooms and hallways seemingly placed at random.
The first decision taken consisted in exposing an open space, leaving both the original wooden beams and stone wall, in sight.
We decided to place a “pure”, white and geometrical cube at the center of the apartment, which contains the kitchen and the bathroom, and its walls do not reach the ceiling.
This element gives privacy to the bedroom, but keeps the spatial and visual continuity as a whole.
The bathroom walls do not reach the ceiling and conveniently have one window facing the bedroom, but won’t allow to see the stone wall from the inside.
The floor in the bedroom, bathroom and adjacent gallery, elevates 30cm (12in), creating a wooden platform in continuation with the rest of the apartment.
The kitchen mirror divides the cube in two halves, so the stone seems to be part of the bathroom, giving a feeling of continuity and profundity.
The gallery provides light to the ensemble and, resembling a carpet, an hydraulic floor weaves out.
The materials chosen are always pure: stone, wood, oak, beams made of long-leaf pine, and the hydraulic mosaic of the epoch.
To give a more cozy ambience, Yuna has built a ladder to help the cats climb up to the top of the bathroom ceiling, where they’ve found their favorite spot to play.”

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