Детская комната по-болгарски

Kids Bedroom with Green and Wood by Adoro design

Качественный дизайн небольшой детской комнаты
от болгарской студии ADORO DESIGN Ltd из Варны.

You’ll notice that part of the bed is placed in a niche in the wall used as wardrobe. As it couldn’t be used as wardrobe and this wall was only suitable for deployment on the bed. Making this exchange we have left a big space in the middle of room, which serves for fun games. We located the desk in front of the window.

Правильное понимание меблирования позволило дизайнерам
 максимально использовать пространство детской. Присутствие 
зеленого цвета и ненавязчивая игра с подсветкой подвесного
 потолка делаю т пребывание в комнате более комфортным

The ceiling is a combination of gypsum panels and furniture panels in wood decor and provides uniform light in the room. In the ceiling is set hidden backlighting. Above the desk are positioned hanging luminaire that will provide good illumination while studying. If you need interior design or have questions about kids room furniture do not hesitate to contact us.

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