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Bea Mombaers' Unique Bed & Breakfast in Knokke, Belgium

Отель Bea Bed & Breakfast (Bea B&B) находится в зеленом пригороде,
 у побережья, в небольшом бельгийском курортном городке Кнокке.

Экстерьер отеля решен в классическом бельгийском экостиле - с камышовыми
крышами и массивными кирпичными стенами. Простые, брутальные
 интерьеры характерном для бельгийских деревень.

Хозяйка отеля, декоратор Bea Mombaers прежде владала магазином коллекционных вещей, именно поэтому изюминка отеля в том, что все предметы мебели и декора здесь продаются.

В отеле три спальни, прекрасная кухня и сад с бассейном

Situated in a verdant suburb of the small Belgian resort town of Knokke, and within a short walking distance from the coast, Bea B&B is an attractive small hotel with one very unique feature: all the items and furniture inside it are for sale! Whilst on the outside it may look like just another thatched-roof farmhouse-style villa, this discreet showroom-cum-hotel is a surprising treasure trove of highly desirable (and collectable) vintage design pieces sourced from all around the world.
Owner, design collector and dealer Bea Mombaers, the woman behind Items, an eclectic design store in Knokke, has filled her small and charming hotel with all the furniture she loves and has decorated it according to her own impeccable taste. Whilst concrete floors and grey walls contrast with the rustic exterior of the building, they also serve as the perfect backdrop for the ever-changing collection of objects and artworks inside: as Bea constantly brings new objects from her travels in, the hotel's furniture and decoration changes regularly, meaning that each visit to Bea’s B&B ensures for a different interior. Guests have a choice of three bedrooms (preferably the serene master bedroom upstairs with its concrete bathtub), and can enjoy delicious breakfasts either in the kitchen or in the garden next to the pool. Bea’s website also provides suggestions and tips as to where to dine and what to see in the surrounding area.

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